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My ovarian blood results weren’t scary before but they were pretty high, which doesn’t mean cancer but that something was not right, maybe precancerous.

Anyway, my OB/GYN asked me to repeat the test in 3 months, and I just did. Olya, I want to share with you my exciting news — it went from 20 to 11 (above 34 is worrisome for cancer cells)!!!

It has to be our treatment that we have been doing because the doctor told me it was just watchful waiting, nothing I could do.

In addition, my cholesterol numbers are back to SUPER normal!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I have no idea what you did specific for that but it worked!!! I am happy to have met you in my life. Really.(Read More)

Hilda, Hoboken

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In addition to the wonderful spa services available at Maksim Day Spa, I have quickly become a true believer of the bio-energetic feedback analysis.

The bio-scan testing is non-invasive; it involves a comprehensive scanning of your body by way of a wrist harness: reading what is going on inside of your body via your electric frequencies or galvanic skin response. The scan will inform you of any parasites, bacteria, fungus, organ imbalance, emotional issues, and energy levels. You may wonder how is this beneficial: well, having a clear concise picture of exactly what is ailing you allows one to succinctly treat that ailment, and you learn how to avoid certain foods / medications that may not be good for you while at the same time, embracing other foods / herbs that will sustain / nourish your body and mind.(Read More)

Shana M., New York City