Dr. Ilya Pryogine, a Nobel Prize Laureate, stated that essential flow of energy within the human system is necessary for health, and that any disruption to that flow is the cause of disease.

The same concept, dating back thousands of years ago, is found also in Eastern Medicine. The stagnation in the “Chi” flow, or disruption in vital energy, is the root of most health issues, and by “opening” or re-setting the energy flow, the body’s health can be restored. The understanding of the importance of a perfectly balanced body gives us insight into what true healing involves: by removing the interferences that cause the disruption, we can reset our organs and body system’s functions into the healing mode.

The Chinese have done this through acupuncture which, although highly beneficial, is considered physically uncomfortable to many. AcuLight affords similar relief in a non-invasive manner.

The AcuLight takes energetic medicine and acupuncture to a totally new level! It creates safe, non-invasive therapy that can produce results in just one visit. It works by stimulating tissue healing and repair, reducing swelling, and increasing blood flow to the treated areas. When laser light interacts with tissue, it causes certain photochemical reactions to occur and stimulates natural biological processes.

It has been known for a long time and confirmed by reputable scientists and doctors that light is very beneficial to life and good health, and can promote faster healing. The PTL II Cold Laser, or AcuLight, is not just light. It is an advanced piece of technology that contains more than 80 integrated protocols with specific frequencies that assist the body in reprogramming itself via the central nervous system and thus helping it energetically balance and heal.

In other words, energy medicine meets functional medicine.

The PTL II Cold Laser is FDA cleared for relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. It is highly effective in promoting the healing of tissue after injury or surgery, relieving stress and anxiety, promoting deep sleep, reducing or eliminating allergies and sensitivities, and boosting immune, digestive, or hormonal systems.

While some patients see results, especially in pain reduction, in just one to three sessions, it works best when protocols of 12 to 20 sessions are completed.

When combined with a Bio-Energetic Scan, homeopathy and proper nutrition, AcuLight is the first true functional energy therapy which offers a holistic, safe, and non-invasive approach to healing with measurable results.