About Olya

As a certified holistic health counselor and bio-energetic practitioner, I create individualized programs for each of my clients to address their specific health concerns and radically improve their overall wellbeing.

My personal quest for wellness began over 30 years ago when I was struggling with many health issues that were labeled as “chronic” or “genetic.” For as long as I could remember, I had debilitating migraines, yeast and bladder infections, endometriosis, digestive issues, weight fluctuations, joint pain, and depression. I felt discouraged when the only option for relief offered to me was medication—not to heal, but to make my life less painful. My family had a history of alcoholism, heart issues, and cancer, and I wondered whether my genetic factors had contributed to my chronic health issues. Even then, at 24, I felt I was too young to begin my life on a medicated path. I could not accept that these diagnoses were final, and I started seeking alternative solutions to healing my body.

In the decades that followed, my passion was getting my health back. I read, researched, and tried various alternative approaches, and I was encouraged when I found some that worked for me. I discovered that nutritious food, an active lifestyle, and emotional healing could defy my genetic programming and even change my gene expression. Gradually, my symptoms faded to the point where I no longer suffered from my “chronic” health issues. Waking up in the morning and not feeling pain was priceless!

It sounds so simple, but the journey was anything but.

In 1997, I lost my husband to cancer—deadly melanoma. With his death, I was motivated more than ever before to seek alternative options for preventing and reversing illness. I continued to explore the fields of alternative healing and was particularly interested in immunity, longevity, and natural anti-aging treatments.

As a licensed aesthetician, I initially joined my sister, Lena Makushina at Maksim SPA in 2000. I realized that it was not enough to take care of my clients’ skin only on the outside, but just as important (if not, more) to address physical imbalances, such as digestion and hormones, as well as emotional issues, like stress and trauma. All of these factors can dramatically affect a person’s skin. Learning more about the internal factors that can prevent and heal skin conditions—like acne or rosacea—and slow down aging was an exciting direction for me. I decided to pursue training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN) and received my certification from INN and the Teachers College of Columbia University as a holistic health and nutrition counselor, and became a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

In 2008, I founded my own wellness company which would eventually become Bio-Matrix. My approach integrates western science and eastern healing wisdom, focusing on improving or eliminating negative health symptoms completely by addressing the root causes of the problem.

In the same year, a bio-energetic technology, SpectraVision, opened a new door to wellness for me. I learned about energy flow within the body called Chi in Eastern medicine and how it affected our state of health. My first Bio-Scan, as a patient, revealed astonishing physical and emotional information to me. Many things that I thought were hard to explain, and even harder to cure, had made so much more sense.

From the laws of quantum physics, we are all energy, and everything around us has an impact on our own energetic field: it’s either positive, and therefore, healing, or it’s negative, triggering disease. Our food choices can make us feel tired or energetic, and the same goes for the energy of other people, our relationships, emotions and traumas. Understanding and correcting energetic imbalances can bring our bodies to the state of homeostasis—total wellness.

Since we are working with energy that is not confined within the physical body, bio-energetic scans can be done even remotely.

Adding this innovative technology to my health coaching and using the internal biofeedback allowed me to individualize and customize my treatments and get measurable results faster. Bio-Scan opened an opportunity for me to “look” inside and detect the “triggers,” like traumas we have internalized years ago, or old bacterial infections that could have been still the root of health issues.

It is important to address health on every level: physical, emotional, and spiritual, and treat the whole body, not a symptom. Each person is a unique energetic being. Physical symptoms are the body’s cry for help; an attempt to communicate with us and turn our awareness to our imbalances within.

As a wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle counselor at Bio-Matrix, I am particularly interested in the mind-body connection. My comprehensive and holistic approach is aimed at restoring total body balance by rebooting one organ and one system at a time.

My view of wellness as a mind-body relationship was influenced by the concepts of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, the Founder of German New Medicine, and by Dr. John Sarno, Professor of rehabilitation medicine in New York University School of Medicine. According to both doctors, by resolving emotional trauma, the body can reverse the disease and start repairing damage, returning the individual to health.

In my practice, I find that children provide some of the best examples for how emotional discord can disrupt physical balance. I have observed that children, like sponges, absorb and internalize emotional struggles and trauma, which later can become a root of many common health problems, such as allergies, digestive issues, learning disabilities, and obesity. The good news is that a young immune system tends to respond faster to bio-energetic treatments and often reverse their conditions completely.

I guide my clients to be kind, forgiving, and loving to ourselves (after all, we are meant to enjoy life!). In order to achieve true and lasting results, it is important to keep goals simple, slowly adjusting them as the body responds. When my clients succeed on their personal health journey, I end up succeeding, too.

Changing your diet and taking random supplements that work for someone else will not necessarily “fix” your symptoms nor address your actual issues. You need to understand your specific genetic triggers, identify which systems are not working efficiently and which organs need to be detoxified, which foods are feeding inflammation, and which supplements can provide you the best support.

In less than five minutes, the Bio-Scan can provide you with information that will not only make sense, but offer insight on how to achieve your health goals successfully.

I always tell my clients that if you are doing something for more than three months and not seeing any results, it is most likely not working. The bio-energetic approach will help you to see changes within weeks and start gradually feeling better. As a practitioner, I have witnessed this reversal many times with clients who suffered with autoimmune disorders or other health issues after long periods of time trying many other treatments.

I am committed to helping my clients reach their greatest physical, mental, and emotional potential through holistic healing methods and a compassionate approach.

Good health is a process; it is a long term investment, and as any investment, it requires knowledge and understanding. The best results can be achieved by starting with baby steps, instead of giant leaps.