Allergy Reset

Allergy Reset, an Allergy and Sensitivity Therapy, is a unique approach to wellness that incorporates the fundamental philosophies of the emotional body.

The treatment is based on addressing emotionally induced symptoms in the body that are generated as a result of stress or trauma. It is a proven fact that stress causes or exacerbates most health related conditions. In fact, according to The American Medical Association (AMA), stress is the cause of 80 to 85 percent of all human illness and diseases.

Allergies are no exception: they get better when the stress levels go down, and they get worse when the stress levels go up. There is a link between the allergen and the neurology of the individual, similar to hook and eye. In an effort to protect the body, the brain creates associations between stressful events and substances, usually harmless, and that may lead to chronic and acute conditions. These conditions are medically referred to as emotionally generated bio-modulated toxic responses. The emotions affect the nervous system and express themselves as allergic reactions to the associated substances.

More than 100 million Americans suffer from symptoms associated with allergies, spending over $200 billion annually. As there is often no cure for their condition, it is common to manage symptoms by temporarily suppressing the body’s response with anti-histamines. However, when we understand that these responses are symptoms, we can look beyond the symptoms to the source. We now know that allergies are not, as they were traditionally believed to be, a weakness in the immune system or an unexplained aversion to specific substances. We can actually explain this aversion as abnormal or inappropriate reactions to otherwise harmless substances and create normal and appropriate reactions to these same substances using PTL II Cold Laser in the Allergy Reset Therapy.

This specific laser guided treatment stimulates nerves that correspond to the major organ systems and acts as a “desensitizer” removing all negative association with the substance or allergen, resetting the emotional link between memory and the trigger. Through this therapy, your body can be retrained to react appropriately to normally harmless substances which may reduce allergic responses significantly and, in many cases, eliminate them completely.

This fast, non-invasive, pain free and effective treatment can address and resolve allergic responses to thousands of potential factors in minutes! Whether the symptoms triggered by animals, food, chemicals, environment or seasonal changes, in just a few sessions, your life and the lives of your loved ones can be dramatically improved without the use of shots, needles or drugs.

The results may vary depending on severity of the allergic response and how long you have been affected. The standard Allergy Reset protocol consists of 12 sessions, though some individuals with impaired immune system would require more. In most cases, after completing the treatment, clients report a significant shift in overall health, better digestion and energy, relief from various skin conditions and improved mental clarity.