Frequently Asked Questions

Is bioenergetic scanning diagnostic? If not, why is it valuable?

Bioenergetic scanning is not diagnostic but it is a valuable tool for detecting imbalances and assessing stress in the body’s energy system using galvanic skin response and a unique electrodynamic data analysis. Psycho-physiological information is obtained painlessly and without risk. The practitioner and the patient are able to explore the patient’s body and its stress patterns and relationships without surgery or x-rays. The practitioner can then develop a unique priority system, a stress map for each patient.

Do my symptoms matter? If not, why not?

Your symptoms do matter. They are an outward manifestation of stress and imbalances occurring within the body. We look for the source or origin of this imbalance and offer stress reducing protocols through homeopathic remedies and other means to aid in restoring the body to balance or homeostasis. Our goal is to correct imbalances and prevent future strains on the system by accessing the bio-information stress patterns and seeking out signals of imbalance within the body before functional distress actually manifests.

Can I work with my doctors/medical practitioners and also seek bioenergetic testing?

More and more physicians are open to integrated or multi-dimensional approaches to medicine that utilize stress reduction, homeopathic remedies and nutritional recommendations. Be sure to inform your physician of your decision to seek bioenergetic testing and your desire to include your practitioner as part of your overall wellness program.

Will I get better?

Natural healing takes time. The healing path has a common destination, but it can be a superhighway for one person and a jungle trail for another. Healing depends on many factors: length of condition or symptoms, seriousness of condition, and most of all, willingness to follow the recommended protocols. Be assured that even if you do not consciously experience wellness overnight, healing is occurring on many levels. You may notice slight changes in your health after just one visit or you may begin to notice subtle improvements in your energy as time goes by. The stress points in the body may have taken years to materialize. If they have begun to present symptoms, it may take longer to regain balance. It usually takes at least one month for each year you have had the specific symptom, before the body starts healing.