Since my late teenage years, I have struggled with mental health issues, including anxiety and eating disorders.

I went down the conventional Western medical field approach and was prescribed pharmaceuticals to treat my various “conditions.” However, I never got better, and the side effects of these drugs were awful.

My name is Natalie, and I am 40 years old. It wasn’t until I saw my mom get sick and be treated in the conventional medical system that I was being treated in, and still die the most gruesome death imaginable, that I decided there had to be another way. This was when my life took a turn for the better, and I embarked on a holistic and spiritual journey of healing.

In our sessions, Olya has helped me face my fears, anxieties, and past traumas, and with her help, I have uncovered many of the deep sources of these feelings, hence being able to work to resolve them. Furthermore, she has not only been tremendous support for my personal healing, but thru her innumerable valuable advice, she has helped me reach a state of mental and physical health and stability, where I have now become a source of light and a strong backbone for my family, helping them thru their personal health journeys.

I am forever grateful to the universe for putting Olya in my path, for I am learning so much about myself and where my pain stems from. She has taught me many different techniques to deal with difficult life situations we are constantly presented with.

I feel stronger and healthier every day that passes!

Natalie, New York