Anti-Aging Solutions for Women over 45

Awaken Your Timeless Goddess:

Become the best version of Yourself by bringing ancient wisdom and anti-aging rituals into your daily life.


Ladies, are you approaching or currently going through that midlife phase of your life, a.k.a. menopause and start feeling less of everything: less sexy, less beautiful, and less confident?
I invite you to join the community of amazing women who incorporate anti-aging wisdom and simple daily rituals of Goddesses and legendary Beauties from different cultures, so you can awaken the Goddess inside of you, reclaim your groove, vibrance and confidence!​
You may be in your late 40s or early 50s and began noticing that the lifestyle and diet you have maintained for so long are no longer keeping your body in the same shape.
So, you start exercising more, and more, and eating less, and less…and still, nothing seems to be working. Your waistline is steadily getting bigger, your skin becomes looser, your energy feels lower, and those embarrassing hot flashes you are trying to hide keep coming back… Your husband wants more sex, and all you want is to go sleep.​
Or you may be in your 60s or 70s and have slowly given up trying to fix what has stopped working?
Your sleep, your metabolism, your thyroid, your energy levels, just to name a few.. oh and your sex life (sex life?) You decided to accept it as something that comes with age—after all, that is what our mothers and grandmothers did!
But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there were solutions to slow down aging and to address, and in some cases, eliminate these issues?
I am inviting you to join the community of timeless Goddesses to become the best version of yourself!
It is not okay to feel LESS of the woman you felt before. I hear you! I have been there myself. I can show you that there ARE solutions, and you CAN feel physically and emotionally better to reclaim your groove! You can still have beautiful skin, you can still be in shape, you can still have, and enjoy sex.


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Hi, I'm Olya Piccirillo ...

I am a Holistic Health counselor and Bioenergetic practitioner, and I have been working with clients on their health challenges since 2008.

As I approached my own midlife phase in life and saw how my body stopped cooperating with me on many levels, I knew I needed to shift things in my lifestyle to get my groove back and feel that I am the best version of myself, even in midlife, and hopefully when I reach my 80s and 90s.

Many of my female clients reported an improvement in their energy levels, metabolism, and weight loss goals. I shared with them what I have personally learned and practiced daily. These are the women who applied this ancient wisdom and inspired me to start this course.

Yes, it takes discipline, but in the end, just like with cars, proper maintenance can transform an old car into a sexy vintage vehicle that functions well.

I want to age as a sexy vintage vehicle! Wouldn’t you?

In my six-week online program, with an intimate group of awesome women like you, we will identify simple steps to shifting from “menopausal stagnation” to a midlife transformation so we can awaken the Goddess inside you. From hormone balancing to anti-aging hacks, to better nutrition, to reviving our sex drive—no subject is off-limits, and we will have fun with it.

Topics We Will Cover In the Program

  • Hormonal imbalances are a natural part of aging. As we go through midlife and beyond, our hormones change how we function physically and emotionally, which causes us to experience uncomfortable symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, and low libido.

  • In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of how your hormones affect you and the tools to help optimize your hormones through lifestyle, nutrition, and by removing toxins from your body and environment around you. You can still regain the quality of life you thought has been lost forever!
  • While exercise is important at every age, most workout routines are designed for young people and don’t address some of the key issues that come up as we age. In fact, some of these exercises may even hurt us. In this module, you will discover how the wrong type of exercise (or lack thereof) can make you look older and cause damage to your joints, pain, aches, and add more overall stress to your body.

  • It’s time to change your routine and use exercise to make a true difference in your life. Nothing shows your age more than a fragile, unbalanced body that moves with caution. By switching to the right workout, you will achieve a healthy, strong body that moves with grace and ease well into midlife and beyond!
  • As with exercise, it is important to closely assess your personal nutrition. The truth is that most diets don’t work because they fail to address the root cause of weight gain (hormone imbalance). And beyond weight gain, the right nutrition can help women keep strong bones, have beautiful skin and hair, prevent injuries, increase energy and vitality, and slow down aging.

  • The food we consume is fuel for our bodies. Beautiful vintage cars need good fuel to function well and go far – so do we, as we age. You will learn how much protein, carbohydrates, and sugar your body needs, which foods to stock up, and which ones to ditch. Our body will thank you!
  • Proper nutrition is important at any age, but as we get older, our metabolisms become less efficient. Therefore, we need to adjust our needs to get additional nutritional support. Many women reach for staples like vitamin D, probiotics, calcium, etc., but oftentimes these supplements are useless because they are poorly made and are hard on the liver and stomach.

  • When it comes to supplements, it’s important to understand that there are winners, losers, and total wastes of money. You will learn what to look for when you buy supplements for yourself and feel the difference when you take them. With the right quality and quantity, supplements can help you improve your sleep, boost your energy and immune system, gain more mental clarity, and so much more!
  • Many women come to a point in their lives where they feel like their sex life is over. They find themselves lacking the energy and enthusiasm in the bedroom, and that may affect their self-esteem. Your sex life doesn’t have to die! There are many tools and natural solutions to help you regain control over your body and feel more alive than ever before.

  • Would you like to learn what foods can boost your sex drive, how much sleep is needed to support vitality and improve your libido, how to dial up on self-image, and more? Get ready to get your groove back and reach your sexual prime again!
  • Unfortunately, we can’t stop time. This means we all grow older and have wrinkles appear on our face, thinning and graying hair, and sagging skin. However, the desire to stay young and beautiful is universal.

  • By practicing these old-proven recipes, you will achieve more radiant skin, healthier hair, and a more toned body – soon, you will start feeling like a Timeless Goddess and become the best version of yourself at any age!

All the modules are pre-recorded and will be available for viewing at any time after each module is released. We will have a weekly Q&A session to answer any questions.

If you are ready for a complete mind-body TRANSFORMATION,
I would love to welcome you onboard

The better half of your life
can still be ahead of you!

Awaken Your Timeless Goddess
6-week online Program $497

Plus I am Giving Two Special Bonuses For You


"Connect to Your Feminine Source" Meditation

You will get a free download of my meditation “Connect to Your Feminine Source.” This is a great way to start awakening the Goddess inside of you. You will learn how to connect to your own energy source, your vulnerability, and your inner strength, and raise your vibrations to become your highest self: more confident, self-loving, and content with life.


Get the "Red Carpet Look" in Just One Week

In this bonus video, I share my personal “red carpet” secrets on how to reboot your body and face in just one week. I have learned these beauty and nutritional tips from my experience as an aesthetician and wellness practitioner, which will help you look more radiant and toned.

My personal guarantee to you

I am confident that you will love this program. With the tools and solutions I offer, you will get clarity on the steps you need to take to start feeling your best again. You’ll learn a simple anti-aging routine to have more radiant skin, healthier hair, and a more youthful body.

However, if you decide that we are not a good fit, or the course is simply not what you expected, you can request a refund within 14 days after the start of the program, no questions asked.

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