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Two years ago I was at my son’s little league game and ran into a friend who was undergoing another round of radiation treatments in his long and brave battle with cancer. I was amazed at how good he looked knowing all that he was going through…

His energy level was high, his coloring was perfect, his spirit was pure and he had the strength of an ox.  I told him he was truly an inspiration to and asked how he was able to do so under such challenging circumstances?  He smiled and said “Bro, you have to go meet with Olya and she will help you get your body in-balance and get rid of all its toxins!”(Read More)

Gerry, New Jersey

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In today’s world even in the holistic healing world, it’s hard to find affordable treatment that one can sustain.

Aside from your vast and broad approach I appreciate that the cost is affordable. Before seeing you a lot of the modalities you use were a mystery to me. Now I understand the healing properties of essential oils and the wonderful science behind the bioscan.

Because I am a Christian I like to know that things are science based and even though you have your own form of spirituality, it means a lot to me that when I work with you it’s based on the science.(Read More)

Shelley, New York City