In today’s world even in the holistic healing world, it’s hard to find affordable treatment that one can sustain.

Aside from your vast and broad approach I appreciate that the cost is affordable. Before seeing you a lot of the modalities you use were a mystery to me. Now I understand the healing properties of essential oils and the wonderful science behind the bioscan.

Because I am a Christian I like to know that things are science based and even though you have your own form of spirituality, it means a lot to me that when I work with you it’s based on the science.

Results are key to me. And I have definitely experienced great results with you, balancing my hormones and reducing my anxiety. I also have experienced bringing many many neighbors, friends, and church members to you and they have ALL seen results and are very pleased.

The world feels like a better place knowing you are a part of it and I would always recommend you. Thanks!

Shelley, New York City