In addition to the wonderful spa services available at Maksim Day Spa, I have quickly become a true believer of the bio-energetic feedback analysis.

The bio-scan testing is non-invasive; it involves a comprehensive scanning of your body by way of a wrist harness: reading what is going on inside of your body via your electric frequencies or galvanic skin response. The scan will inform you of any parasites, bacteria, fungus, organ imbalance, emotional issues, and energy levels. You may wonder how is this beneficial: well, having a clear concise picture of exactly what is ailing you allows one to succinctly treat that ailment, and you learn how to avoid certain foods / medications that may not be good for you while at the same time, embracing other foods / herbs that will sustain / nourish your body and mind.

As a 4-year breast cancer survivor, I wish I had known about bio-feedback analysis much earlier in my diagnosis. Needless to say, my body was ravaged by chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention the ill effects of Tamoxifen. At one point, my conventional doctors had me on so many different medications: some to treat the cancer and others to treat the side-effects of the cancer medications, that my body shut down: it no longer knew how to respond to all of the different drugs, some of which came with their own set of additional side-effects… for me, it was a vicious cycle of perpetual ailing.

With Olya’s guidance, I am finally beginning to feel much better and all of this is achieved simply with bio-feedback, eating healthy and using natural herbs and supplements to sustain my body, Amazing! No conventional medication has ever caused me to feel as strong as I am now. God forbid, I should have a relapse, which I won’t because I am committed to taking care of my health, naturally, I am clear I will not opt for chemotherapy again – the negative physical impact to my immune system / body is too high a price to pay. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the connection between one’s emotional well-being and how same impacts one’s physical well-being.

There is nothing more personally rewarding or empowering than to know that I am directly responsible, with Olya’s salient guidance and feedback, for healing my body, my mind – something my conventional doctors haven’t been able to achieve. I’m on a life-long journey to reclaim my health, there’s nothing more important. We only get one body and it is our responsibility to honor and cherish it!

Forever Grateful to Olya / Maksim Spa

Shana M., New York City