My doctors told me I will have to get used to living with my chronic condition. “There was no medical solution, so get used to your new physical limitation.”

I am 36 years old and I have ulcerative colitis. Part of my colon has been removed. I hardly could eat anything and was living on white rice. Every time I would eat something else, I would end up in the hospital. My energy was very low and I was getting sick all the time.

Olya’s program helped me to revive my livelihood and physical shape. My choices in food expanded. She taught me about all different foods that will nourish me and not get sick. I am currently in the best physical state I’ve been in a decade, armed with tools to make it even better. I started gaining my healthy weight back and am no longer anemic.

Thank you Olya for the great knowledge, structure and support.

Victor, New York City