Before I started working with Olya, I thought that I was living a fairly healthy life.

My big problem, though was that I had been diagnosed with endometriosis three years earlier and had already gone through two surgeries. I suffered from excruciating and debilitating pain each month. I also had pretty bad migraines. I heard about Olya from my cousin’s friend who also suffered from endometriosis. She had had great success working with Olya after a short period of time . Since there is no “cure” for endometriosis I thought I might as well give Olya a try.

During our first consultation I immediately felt comfortable with Olya. She started me on an plan with diet changes, vitamins and supplements specialized for me and my needs. She explained the reasons behind each part of the plan. I decided to approach this plan aggressively and followed it accordingly.

To my surprise, after a few days of detoxing, I felt much better. My energy level was higher and my overall well being was improving by the day. The best part though was the effect it had on the endometriosis. After a month of following Olya’s plan, not only had my monthly pain decreased, it was almost gone. And as a bonus, my PMS symptoms were significantly subsiding. My migraines stopped. One final plus became evident as spring approached, my allergies had gone from severe to moderate. All in all, I have to say working with Olya has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has resulted in a healthier and stronger me.

Thank you Olya!

Jessica, New York City