I first became acquainted with Olya through my daughter, who lives in New York.

My daughter came home for a shower in May of 2008: although she knew I had been sick since Nov., she couldn’t believe how chronic my condition had become. I had a chronic croup cough, thick mucous like Elmer’s glue in my sinuses and mouth, sore dry spot in my throat and general fatigue plus my usual chronic yeast infection.

In Feb. I had pneumonia to complicate matters, I just couldn’t get better. So my daughter had Olya call me and I started a program via telephone with Olya. She was able to change my diet, advise supplements and cleanses for my chronic yeast infection. Olya’s treatment got my yeast infection under control and the changes in my diet caused the cough, mucous and sore dry spot in my throat to go away.

At first these changes in my diet seemed overwhelming, but Olya helped me through it. I’m still eating healthy and following what she told me. Now I don’t like to eat things that will hurt my system, I found new things under Olya that satisfy my taste buds.

Joan, Pittsburgh