I’m 33 and for at least 10 years (and probably most of my life), I’ve had a dark cloud over me.

Although it would come and go in intensity it’s always been there. From the outside you wouldn’t know it, but from the inside everything feels like an enormous effort. I’m not a lazy person but it felt like I was being weighed down by something, and that something made even the simplist of tasks, or activities that were supposed to be enjoyable seem overwhelming, daunting or challenging.

Most people would call this depression. I always felt like it was some sort of imbalance and if I could just find the right thing that would “flip the switch” for me then I wouldn’t have to suffer from this anymore. I tried it all….every kind of workshop, multiple psychologists, acupuncture, tai chi, energy healing, all sorts of yogas, eating better, exercising. I also thought about changing jobs or moving from New York but I always knew this thing would follow me until I “fixed” it.

In August of 2010 I hit a point where I couldn’t face the overwhelming sense of unhappiness and daily struggle and was on the verge of giving in and finally trying medication. When I went to see a psychiatrist (and got a prescription) I knew I didn’t want to go forward with that path. But I didn’t know what else to do. When I spoke to Olya, I decided I would make one last “alternative” attempt. I wanted to fix the imbalance from the inside with a formula that was right for me instead of taking a mass made drug that I thought would just mask the symptoms and have other adverse side affects.

After Olya’s first scan and treatment I noticed a big difference. My appointment was on a Saturday and I felt there was a change in my energy which directly translated into action. On Sunday I not only had the motivation and energy to clear out the clutter and get rid of extra furniture in my apartment, but I felt a deep need to do this. I’ve always had moments of inspiration like this, but these highs always seemed to be followed by lows that take me 5 steps back. What’s been so exciting is that in the last 7 months I feel like I keep taking 5 steps forward and at times its only 1 step back.

It’s like I am a new person. Sure I still have stressful days, or a bad day, or don’t feel my best but it’s not with the same kind of all-consuming intensity I used to feel. I also haven’t had to deal with any downward spirals of pure emotional hell (sounds dramatic but that’s what it felt like). I even look different. I have a glow about me whereas before I seemed to have a gray cloud that was always there. Since working with Olya my hair has gotten thicker and really grown back. It started thinning in my mid twenties and you could almost see my scalp in places. People have actually started to notice the difference and tell me how well I look. My body temperature has also changed. I used to hate the winter and the cold (not to mention the dark) and now I welcome that cold air and I even complain of being too hot!

I’m a good patient because I come consistently. I spend the time and money because I can feel and see the changes and there is nothing more important than my health. While this has been subtle and gradual, the changes have built on each other and have made a lasting and profound impact. I don’t remember all the items we’ve addressed but I know we’ve worked on my lymph system (releasing toxins), we’ve worked on my kidneys (fear), we’ve targeted my adrenals (anxiety), and we’ve addressed a lot of deep rooted emotions. I’ve also just finished the 12 session program where we addressed a preset group of physical and emotional areas each time. I keep thinking to myself, okay brace yourself because you may have a relapse and this might all just be temporary. But that hasn’t happened. Its just been better and better every day and that person who came to Olya in August feels like someone else. I know this isn’t the case of some placebo effect (ie you believe it will work so it does). I’ve believed in everything I’ve tried but this has been different.

I am so grateful to Olya for providing this service because its allowed me to break this lifelong pattern, and as I go through my life towards fulfilling my goals and dreams, this treatment has allowed me to have the wind at my back. I used to feel like I was running against the wind and it just kept pushing me back. What’s so fascinating is that I have changed so much for the better, but its all started from the inside. There haven’t been any profound changes in my outside life…I still have the same job, same city, same apartment (with a little less clutter), same single status, same inconsistent eating patterns and same limited exercise. What I do know is that as I continue this path these outside things will continue to change and evolve as I make proactive choices and changes as the actions I take are supported by a balanced and healthy mind and body.

I almost didn’t bother trying the bio-scan and emotox because I figured it would be like all the other things…somewhat helpful but it wouldn’t have the profound difference I needed to break this lifelong pattern. I intuitively understood how this works and I thought that being able to harness the abilities of a computer and a human being might just be the right formula. I believe that our bodies are self healing machines but like machines we can get overworked and as a result not respond optimally or properly. When our bodies don’t work optimally it can be helpful to find a way to hit restart and to introduce a software to remind our cells what they need to do.

Olya’s machine reads your energy and provides a report on the stressors and imbalances you currently have. Olya will figure out which ones are able to be tackled in a particular session. Then she’ll use your body (your acupressure points) to tell her what vibrational frequency (light and if needed supplements) should be introduced to your body to jump start and reprogram your cells so your body can heal itself. After all the time and money I’ve spent on things, I figured why not spend the some money on the first session and at the very least I’d have a bio-scan report which I was curious to see anyway. I am so glad I did.

Lilian, New York City