Like many women, I had always been rather self-conscious with two physical aspects of myself: my weight and my skin.

As a teenager, I would experience major breakouts on my forehead and cheeks, and my weight would constantly fluctuate. I was unhappy and insecure with myself, and I felt apprehensive about living on my own in college; I knew that “freshmen 15” and heavy breakouts lied within my destiny.

After the completion of my first semester at college, I had already gained a solid 5 pounds and my breakouts were growing in size and place. Worst of all, I became addicted to sugar; I couldn’t go a day without eating cookies, cakes, and ice cream. I acknowledged my accruing health problems to myself, so I tried several mainstream diets. However, they all failed me, as I would regain any lost weight – and then some. I felt hopeless and “just plain fat”.

I started researching some holistic health approaches and came across Olya’s contact information. We started speaking on the phone a few times a week. Not only did Olya educate me on general holistic health, but she in fact, helped me lose the weight I had gained in college – and then some. She took her “magical wand” (her bio-scan laser) and re-programmed my body, so I would no longer depend on sugar on a daily basis. As if that weren’t enough, my skin COMPLETELY cleared up! I finished my first year of college with weight loss, a glowing skin complexion, and an emotionally-stable self. My friends and family noticed my new outer-beauty and inner-confidence.

I accredit Olya for all of my health progresses and still e-mail her for health insight.

Thank you, Olya!

Katrina, New York City