I have refined and evolved my diet for many years working with Olya.

It wasn’t until I did the food sensitivity test (through blood work analysis) and I saw the most dramatic results based on dietary changes alone.

It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body. By following the recommended protocol to avoid certain foods and focus my intake on the foods most positive for my body, I immediately started to see results. I had less bloating and I dropped the excess weight that I seemed to accumulate despite eating my normal “healthful” way. And most importantly, I suddenly had more energy than I ever remember having.

I feel like I got myself out of a rut, and now I’m more excited to increase my commitment to other aspects of health through exercise and meditation. It doesn’t feel so hard after making the dietary shifts I needed. I want to see what else I can do to feel even better.

I highly recommend following this personalized protocol to feel the best that you can feel.

Sandy, New York City