Rebooting a Brand

As some of you may know, my brand once read Health Addict. It made perfect sense at the time; health addicts are addicted to health. They thrive on healthy food, regular exercise, and supplements — or so I thought.

As my work progressed, I realized that eating right and exercising daily don’t exclusively constitute good health. In fact, they may not significantly improve one’s health at all. I compare a person with health issues who eats well and exercises regularly, to a rundown car full of high-quality gas: without fixing the underlying problem, a significant shift can’t take place; not in a person, or in a car.

With this in mind, I realized that we must have a deeper understanding of what’s going on in our own unique body in order to achieve and maintain true health. My bio-energetic work has brought this aspect of understanding to my approach, in addition to my holistic health and nutrition counseling.

Bio-energetic scan, or Bio-Scan, reveals an individual’s physical and emotional “mechanics,” allowing me to identify my clients’ imbalances within the body. Once identified, I am able to create a specific plan for my client’s needs. Through an individualized step-by-step process, I see my clients’ health issues dissipate. They gain an understanding of their intricate matrix of body and mind and can reboot their health from the inside and out.

Bio-Matrix encapsulates the philosophy of my work: addressing the complexity and uniqueness of our body mechanisms. I couldn’t be happier about my shifted business model and sharing it with all of you. With the launch of my new website, I look forward to educating others on the science and practice of bio-energetics, as well as blog tips on maintaining personal health.